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The Nature Conservancy trains tomorrow's environmentally responsible leaders.



A chocolate company from Europe aims to help young farmers in Nicaragua.



Wichita State University provides college access training to foster children.



Standard Chartered Bank provides leadership training for students across Hong Kong.



Community Business gets 35 companies from across Asia to get trained in youth mentoring skills.



Texas Instruments helps disadvantaged youth make strides towards to college.





Most CSR initiatives target one of the following themes: Education, the Environment, Social Justice, Poverty and Health & Fitness. Below we have given examples of programs we have in each category.




Leadership Skills

Our apX program is a 5-day youth training program that is designed to supplement traditional school. The program was created in response to the expressed needs of students, teachers, parents and employers for a more multi-dimensional approach to education. The program focuses on social learning, leadership skills, academic improvement, self-esteem, responsible attitude and personal integrity.


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Job Readiness

The Step UP! program was created to provide young adults with the necessary skills to build their confidence and to train them with job readiness skills in order to create a path into gainful and sustained employment. In addition to the skills-based training, these young adults are partnered with mentors from the local business community who receive mentor training from us to guide and coach the participants along the way.


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Community Service

Communities are better when youth are engaged in a productive manner. This program develops leadership skills so that youth can better serve their communities and take important roles in community projects as volunteers or advocates with an existing organization.


Entrepreneur Training & Social Venturing

Global economies are stabilized by vibrant small to medium sized businesses. The challenge is, entrepreneurial skills are not consistently instilled in many cultures. This program gives youth the real-world skills they need to build businesses that will serve their communities.



2. The Environment


Our environmental programs enroll locally active experts and engage students with hands-on experiences of environmental issues. Students leave with up-to-date knowledge and the skills to make an impact in their local environments.


Environmental Awareness & Activism

We have partnered with The Nature Conservancy to create an environmental leadership training program for teenagers who are driven to create more sustainable schools and communities. Students complete our leadership training modules as well as environmental modules based on curriculum from The Nature Conservancy. During the training they form groups and create environmental projects that they can implement at their schools. The students continue to lead the projects for the following two months and report on their progress and outcomes.


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3. Social Justice


There are under-privileged youth across the world who could benefit from access to better care, better education and better social and living conditions. Our social justice programs aim to level the playing field and give under-served children access to great, life-improving resources.


The Youth Leadership Summit

Over 50 student leaders from underserved districts are selected and meet at the Youth Leadership Summit every year. We created YLS so that students would have the opportunity to meet other student leaders from around the country. Over the course of 3 days, students receive leadership training as well as presentation skills training. They then form groups to create presentations on what they feel needs to be improved in education and how they have benefited from programs like these. At the end of YLS, each group delivers their presentation and share their stories in front of over 1500 educators from across the country.


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Serving Disadvantaged Populations

Our GEAR UP for Excellence program is specially designed to support GEAR UP, a college access program serving disadvantaged districts across the country. These are districts where dropout rates are high and most students are the first generation in their families to consider attending college. We provide leadership and academic trainings for these GEAR UP students, teachers, and parents resulting in higher graduation and college attendance rates.


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4. Poverty


Skills Training with Internships

Students from disadvantaged communities participate in this training program designed to develop life skills, leadership skills, and learning-to-learn skills. During the training they are also partnered with mentors from the business community who guide them throughout the career development process and then they are placed into internships at companies across a range of industries.



There is a strong movement for business’ employee volunteers wanting to mentor youth in their communities. We provide a one day training specifically for mentors that equips them with the necessary skills to be effective mentors including communication skills, keys to motivation, goal setting, learning styles, and building community.


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5. Health & Fitness


The data is staggering. Health related issues with youth are growing at an astronomical rate. Diets are worse, physical activity is low and schools are cutting back on sports due to costs. All of this adds up to a generation of youth who are inactive and facing health problems. This program is designed to reverse that trend with compelling modules about food choices, portioning, the brain/body connection, exercise and mental health.







CEOs were surveyed about CSR and 72% considered education to be the number 1 issue, even higher than climate change.

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