Deliverables - Guaranteed Media Exposure


Seeds Training clients benefit from our advanced documentation services. We utilize a support system of technology to capture, attribute, iterate, manage and display the output from our involvement.

This output can be delivered in several ways:


Web Journals - a real-time tool that can prolong the effectiveness and utility of our work.

Video Footage - raw or crafted video productions.

Written Materials - student workbooks, coaching manuals, press releases and marketing materials.

Event Summaries - a synopsis of the work-to-date, breakthroughs, challenges and next steps.


Here are some recent examples of event web journals:


A leadership camp sponsored by a bank in Malaysia.


Our national Youth Congress event sponsored by a technology company.


A job skills development and mentoring program sponsored by more than 20 companies in Hong Kong.


Each of these deliverables extends the value of our work because it allows us and our clients to re-engage with the content, conversations and intention behind our work. These work products are generated in real-time and will be immediately useful for the organization.


Deliverables can be selected and implemented as needed. Each has an associated cost that can be bundled with our facilitation services.



Here's a video from a recent event:

"The perfect use of technology in support of the learning process. Isn't this the way things are supposed to be?" -Frank, Stanford University


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